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Clear Sight Method Review 2024 – Change the Way You See the World

ClearSight Method Reviews

Hello visionaries, in today’s article we share our opinion on the Clear Sight Method course by Dr. Ainhoa de Federico. So if you want to know if the Clear Sight Method works and if it’s worth investing in this natural vision course to improve sight through Dr. William Bates’s techniques, stay with me in this article, because I’m going to reveal all this and also share a bit about my experience with eye exercises.

Before starting this site’s project, I (Demetrius David), was going through a very difficult period for me, I was suffering from generalized anxiety and didn’t even know it, plus, my eyes were not well, both in terms of vision and aesthetically; my right eye seemed more «dead» and smaller than the left, but ironically it was the one that saw better.

Although I had never told anyone, this aesthetic problem with my eye bothered me and lowered my self-esteem. Whenever I took a selfie, I tried to disguise this «defect» through the photo’s angles. But all this was just the beginning of a great discovery I would make through the Clear Sight Method.

In 2020, I received an invitation from Dr. Ainhoa de Federico to participate in a 100% online and free event; it was an invitation to the «WAKE UP YOUR EYES» course. I confess that at first, I didn’t believe much in the method, but still, due to my scientific curiosity, I decided to actively participate in this event to verify for myself if what Dr. Ainhoa de Federico was proposing really worked.

At first, it was very difficult for me because it seemed that no matter what I did, I didn’t get results in some exercises, while in others I had a lot of ease. It turned out that my sight was improving, but aesthetically, that is, what bothered me on the outside, didn’t change; and I began to wonder «Why?» this was happening, I could notice it, but I didn’t quite know what to do about it.

So I decided to delve deeper and study more about the Bates method and fell in love with all of this and created this site to share a bit of what I learned in my research.

And today I came to talk a bit about the Clear Sight Method course and give my sincere opinion on this course developed by Dr. Ainhoa de Federico that allowed me to change the way I see the world.

Have you ever thought about being able to see the world with your own eyes, without the need to use glasses, whether at night or during the day?

Imagine enjoying that beautiful spring sunset without feeling pain in your eyes, or being able to watch TV with your children and grandchildren and even be happier.

Yes, much of our sadness and anxiety is contained in our nerves, so when we age we lose that sweetness that only children possess, but when we release our nerves through eye exercises we also release that contained negative energy charge and start to see the world with more brightness and color and that helps in the release of happiness hormones.

Therefore, it’s important to remind you that the way you see the world defines whether you are happy or not. And between us, no one is happy with pain or any health problem. So, how about you start today to take care of your eye health, and change your way of seeing the world and be happier? Are you in? Yes?

Then great, below, I will explain everything you need to know about the Clear Sight Method course before you enroll and start the biggest change of your life.

My Experience with Natural Vision and the William Bates Method

Discovered by Dr. William Bates at the beginning of the last century, natural vision continued to evolve and was a center of debate around the world throughout the last century, with hundreds of thousands of people attesting to the method’s effectiveness, while in traditional medicine the Bates Method is not well regarded.

The Bates Method and natural vision are generally seen as a controversial topic; since many doctors do not believe in the Bates Method. But I believe that the massive results we have today can indeed confirm that natural vision and the Bates Method work and have already helped thousands of people around the world to regain their vision naturally and avoid invasive surgeries.

As I told you in the previous topic, it was difficult at first, but today I am passionate about the Bates Method and have achieved excellent results with the application of the simple techniques I learned in the Clear Sight Method course.

And as I was saying, that was just the beginning of a great discovery, after a while, I discovered the reason why I couldn’t advance in some exercises.

As a child, I had an accident jumping from a high curb and twisted both feet, that injury made me pay a very high price for living, since only at 33 years old, diagnosed with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), with chronic pain and hunchback problems, I decided to start therapy using medicinal cannabis due to the unbearable pain I felt in my body and in my eyes which burned and dried out.

After a few months of cannabis therapy, I started to notice that the eye exercises I couldn’t progress in were related to my postural problem and that possibly my GAD was also connected to all this; GAD was just a reflection of how bad my nerves were and I needed to change that scenario in my life to return to having the simple and wonderful pleasure of living and appreciating the little things in life.

So, in addition to the eye exercises of the Bates Method that I practiced in the Clear Sight Method course, I began to practice yoga to balance my body and once again test my scientific curiosity.

And again, I was right, as I advanced in my yoga practices, I was correcting my posture, and my vision, I continue to practice firmly every day in search of constant improvement and it has been incredible.

And I firmly believe that you are capable of achieving similar results if you dedicate yourself and put into practice what you learn, but you will also need to get to know yourself in this process, to learn to listen to what your body is telling you so you can evolve more quickly and reach your goals. And this applies to everything in our life.

Now let me introduce you to the course and its main details so you know exactly what you will receive when you enroll in Dr. Ainhoa de Federico’s Clear Sight Method course. Shall we?

What is the Clear Sight Method Course?

Clear Sight Method

The Clear Sight Method is a natural vision course consisting of 6 modules, with weekly live classes, recorded classes in your exclusive member area, and a student community. The Clear Sight Method course, developed by Dr. Ainhoa de Federico, operates on 6 different levels: physical, chemical, emotional, mental, subtle, and energetic.

At the physical level, Clear Sight Method students learn techniques to move and relax their eyes and to train them to see more clearly.

At the chemical level, Clear Sight Method students learn about the importance of healthy eating for maintaining not only eye health but the health of the entire body. After all, a well-nourished body is a healthier body.

Upon reaching the emotional level, it’s time to release the tensions that restrict our body and impair our vision and our perception of how we see the world. Our emotions can not only distort the way we perceive objects but can also create distortions of reality, leading us to live in a fantasy world, which often ends in anxiety and depression. Therefore, releasing these emotions is so important for the students’ progress and development.

At the mental level, Clear Sight Method students learn scientifically proven techniques to use the power of the mind to see better.

At the subtle level, you will embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery and development in all the fields listed here, which in my opinion, is the best part of the Clear Sight Method course.

Last but not least, at the energetic level, students learn to optimize the use of light and energy to see better naturally, as well as to develop healthy habits that will progressively improve their vision.

In each of these phases, students of the Clear Sight Method course embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, but it’s very hard to express in words everything that happens during this process.

Who is Dr. Ainhoa de Federico?

Dr. Ainhoa de Federico, Research Professor at the University of Toulouse and Director of the Master of Health Education Agâpés, where she teaches natural vision and is recognized as a Visual Educator by the AVE – Association of Vision Educators. She is the creator of the Volver a Ver Claro Method and founder of the first online natural vision movement in the Spanish-speaking world.

But it was not always like this: Ainhoa was born with strabismus, amblyopia and a very strong myopia and thanks to an ophthalmologist Professor at the University of Granada she was able to correct the three symptoms before she was 1 year old.

At the age of 23 she was diagnosed with myopia, diplopia and astigmatism and managed to get rid of them in 1 week without resorting to glasses or surgery and at the age of 34 she was prescribed glasses for presbyopia and astigmatism which she never wore because she got rid of both symptoms in 2 months.

Throughout his life he has had 6 symptoms and every time he managed to get rid of them, learning in the process the principles of natural vision and deciding to train and make it his line of scientific university research to help as many people as possible to get rid of glasses and avoid surgeries.

The non-birth of her daughter – who would have been blind – in 2012 invited her to become even more involved in helping to spread good vision around the world.

To date, it has helped more than 2 million people in over 200 countries to improve their vision naturally, without glasses or operations, through its free classes, with hundreds of thousands of followers, thousands of students in over 90 countries in English, French and Spanish and hundreds of testimonials from satisfied participants.

The Back to Seeing Clear course has been ranked #1 among thousands of Hotmart products in best student ratings for 6 consecutive months in 2020. Its goal is to bring natural vision into the public education systems so that everyone can enjoy good vision from childhood and for life and in the meantime spread its Method to the maximum number of people all over the world thanks to online tools.

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But is the Clear Sight Method Course for You?

This is a very common doubt, even people from my everyday surroundings ask me if the Clear Sight Method course would be suitable for them. Often, people have these doubts because they consider their vision problems too complex to be solved without invasive surgeries.

Therefore, thinking of answering this question, I will list below the most common vision problems among the students of the Clear Sight Method course and that many people have achieved significant improvements through the exercises, methods, and techniques taught in the course.

  • Myopia: difficulty in clearly seeing distant objects.
  • Astigmatism: vision distortion due to the irregular curvature of the cornea.
  • Hyperopia: difficulty in focusing on close objects clearly.
  • Strabismus: misalignment of the eyes, which can affect depth perception and cause double vision.
  • Floaters: small spots or threads that seem to move across the visual field.
  • Dry eyes: lack of adequate lubrication in the eyes, which can cause irritation and discomfort.
  • Cataracts: clouding of the lens, affecting visual clarity. Glaucoma: an eye disease that damages the optic nerve and can lead to vision loss.
  • Eye strain: tiredness or eye strain after prolonged periods of screen use or reading.
  • Presbyopia: difficulty in focusing on close objects related to the aging of the lens.
  • Blurred vision: lack of sharpness in vision, which can have various causes.

Now that you know the most common vision problems among the students of the Clear Sight Method course, let’s answer the main question; is the Clear Sight Method course suitable for you? To find the answer to this question, we need to answer the following questions:

Would you like to stop depending on prescription glasses or contact lenses to read, watch TV, appreciate the landscape, and see the world with your own eyes and not through lenses?

Do you have any of the aforementioned vision problems and would like to improve your vision naturally, without having to resort to medications or invasive surgeries?

Would you like to prevent future vision problems through healthy practices of eye exercises and healthy eating to see better?

Would you like to be able to read your favorite books and tell stories to your children and grandchildren without suffering, without feeling pain in your eyes, or without having to strain your sight to see the letters?

Do you spend a lot of time in front of TV screens, computers, mobile phones, or are you exposed to blue light for long periods?

Do your eyes burn or throb when you are in the sun? Do you suffer from chronic eye fatigue and no longer know what to do to end your tired vision?

Do your eyes feel dry and irritated with any change in the weather, or when you enter drier environments or with air conditioning?

If you have answered «yes» to one or more of these questions, you should know that the Clear Sight Method is suitable for you and through the regular practice of the exercises taught in the Clear Sight Method course, you can experience a progressive improvement in your vision.

And since I know that not everyone has the scientific curiosity that I have, and that many people are afraid to invest in something that will not serve them, I will give you a good reason not to have this fear.

Dr. Ainhoa de Federico offers in her Clear Sight Method course a 15-day satisfaction guarantee through the Hotmart payment platform.

But what does this mean, in the end? With these 15 days of guarantee of the Clear Sight Method Course, you have the security of your investment and will have access to all the classes of the course and if during the period you do not like the course or think that it is not for you, you can ask for your money back in a simple and quick way, in the same payment method you used when you enrolled. (See here how to request a refund on Hotmart).

Cool, right? This is proof that Dr. Ainhoa de Federico trusts her method and wants to give her best so that her students are always satisfied and value her course positively.

And speaking of valuations, the rating given by the students to the Clear Sight Method course is 4.98 out of 5.00 stars on the Hotmart platform.

Now that you know what the Clear Sight Method course is, shall we better understand how the method taught in the course works?

How Does the Clear Sight Method Work?

Within the Clear Sight Method course, students have access to what we call the «Clear Sight Method.» The Clear Sight Method is essentially the script or guide for applying the techniques that make the exercises and strategies applied during the course yield results more quickly.

Think of the art of baking a cake; if you put the ingredients on the table but don’t know how to follow the recipe, your cake is unlikely to turn out well. Having the ingredients is not enough; you need to have an order of execution or a method to follow for your cake to be tasty.

The same happens when we talk about the Clear Sight Method; without the application of a tested and proven method, the results would take too long to appear and might not be satisfactory.

Creating a method eliminates this possibility of dissatisfaction, and the Clear Sight Method was designed so that anyone can apply it regardless of their vision problem.

Returning to the cake analogy, it’s like buying those ready-made cake mixes; you just need to add eggs, milk, prepare a topping with your preferred flavor, and bake it.

Do you agree with me that it’s easier to make a cake with a ready-made mix compared to the traditional way of making cakes that requires many other ingredients, like flour, yeast, yeast dosage control, control of the amount of milk and eggs…?

The same goes for natural vision; with the Clear Sight Method, it’s like that ready-made cake mix that you just need to bake and enjoy. See below for the course content:

  • Video lessons: These lessons are released weekly and explain all the natural vision techniques step by step.
  • 6 weeks of training: Dr. Ainhoa de Federico will accompany you throughout the learning process.
  • Live sessions: Live sessions where you can resolve any doubts directly with Ainhoa. If you cannot attend a session, you can watch the recordings.
  • Comprehensive program: The course acts on six levels: physical, emotional, chemical, mental, energetic, and habits.
  • Relaxation audios: Includes audios with relaxations of different durations to complement your learning.
  • Tracking and self-assessment tools: These tools will allow you to check progress in improving your vision.
  • Additional content: Readings and supplementary materials to delve deeper into the subject. Free books: Access to free books related to natural vision and eye care.

And it’s worth remembering that, by enrolling, you will have access to all these contents listed above and also a 15-day unconditional guarantee. You can test and verify for yourself with your investment fully protected.

Well, we are coming to the end of this article. In the next topic, I will give my personal opinion about the Clear Sight Method course and also reveal a surprise that I have prepared for you, who have dedicated your time to reading this article.

Final Opinion: Is It Worth Investing in the Clear Sight Method Course?

We’ve finally reached the end of this article, and I must confess it turned out longer than I imagined. I’ve decided to prepare this final topic to express my personal opinion, based on my personal experience.

As I mentioned before, the main motivator for my enrollment in the Clear Sight Method course was my scientific curiosity and the assurance of the 15-day satisfaction guarantee.

I know 15 days may seem short to achieve satisfactory results, I thought so too, but I was surprised when I observed the first results right after applying the method.

I believe that if you participated in the free «WAKE UP YOUR EYES» event and practiced the exercises taught in the classes, you could notice small changes in your vision, especially with visual relaxation techniques like Palming.

Today I realize that investing in the Clear Sight Method course was one of my best decisions because without it, this site wouldn’t even exist, and secondly, the improvement in my eye health also made me see the world through different eyes.

Today I see a brighter and happier world, and this has been, beyond vision, an excellent tool for combating my GAD and also led me to embark on a deep journey of self-discovery and personal development.

How could I have imagined that a simple natural vision course would not only improve my vision naturally but also set me on a deep journey of self-discovery and personal development?

Seeing better has given me a new zest for life; today, I enjoy reading the books I like, I enjoy watching movies, whether at home or in the cinema, with the people I love, and I enjoy living much more, without feeling my eyes irritated, tired, and sore.

I imagine you’re also looking for a similar experience, right? If you want to improve your vision naturally, get rid of prescription glasses, contact lenses, avoid invasive surgeries, and discover a new way to see the world; the Clear Sight Method course is the key that can open all those doors for you.

Imagine being able to drive and hit the road with your family and being able to read the highway traffic signs, not feeling pain in your eyes while driving.

Think about the impact of that change in your life, what would your life have been like if you saw well? If you had strong and healthy eyes, what else would you enjoy? Watching television? Reading a good book? Enjoying the landscape? Admiring artwork?

Today I can say, without fear of being wrong, that when we enjoy healthy vision, life becomes much more beautiful and admirable.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you want to enroll in the Clear Sight Method course, just click here to go to the official course site and make your enrollment with a 15-day guarantee.